PASARELA GAUDÍ NOVIAS will include, besides the names already mentioned, other relevant figures of the bridal fashion scenario, such as ANA TORRES, CABOTINE by Gema Nicolás, DE LA CIERVA Y NICOLAS, ESTHER RODRIGUEZ, FRANC SARABIA, FRANCIS MONTESINOS, HANNIBAL LAGUNA, JESUS DEL POZO, JESUS PEIRO, JOAQUIM VERDU, MATILDE CANO, MODEL NOVIAS, NOVIA D’ART, PATRICIA AVENDAÑO, PEPE BOTELLA, RAIMON BUNDO, RUBEN PERLOTTI, SIONA GARCIA, VICTORIO & LUCCHINO, WHITE DAY by José Mª Peiró and YOLAN CRIS. A huge array of designers that will comprise, as always, a comprehensive programme that will feature the best national and international tops and will be visited by numerous clients and the press from over the world.

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