Warm and Fashionable Dress Washing Tips

Warm and Fashionable Dress Washing Tips

Warm Sweaters like sweaters, gloves, neckties, caps, and bedding allegedly most comfortable if use made of fleece coat materials. This content is able to ward off a freezing, feels soft and sleek so that is best suited as a sweater content. Difficulty when cleaning made of fleece coat content is made of fleece coat content tends to contract and change shape according to treatment while cleaning. Although warm clothing was mixed with acetate or polymer, which means the content is not 100% made of fleece coat, possibility to contract still could happen. Therefore, wash the made of fleece coat content only if he really should be washed, and apply these tips.

These are some Tips for Dress Washing......
1. Enter outfits with made of fleece coat content in freezing water for 1-2 hours before cleaning, do it until all the made of fleece coat fibers process water. This is done to prevent made of fleece coat reducing.

2. If there are stains, fresh by sleek brushing  the affected spots and try not only to the fiber fabric. Rinse the stain with freezing water.

3. Melt special detergent for made of fleece coat or baby shampoo is sleek in freezing water. If you have trouble, you can dissolve it with water then dissolves again in freezing water.
4. Wash by hand, with a soak and squeeze gently and carefully. Avoid rubbed made of fleece coat content. Replace water with water that is fresh, and then do the same steps until there is no residual soap.

5. Dry by pressing to remove excess water, then wrap in a towel to process water.

6. Then dry it by putting on a flat working surface and had .

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