Green Tea Benefits - A Guide to the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea Benefits - A Guide to the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea Benefits - A Guide to the Health Benefits of Green Tea
Green tea has enjoyed considerable attention in western countries lately due to its claimed health properties. This attention doesn't come as a surprise to people living in Asian countries like China and Japan who have been enjoying the health benefits green tea provides for more than 4000 years. However many companies have recognized the interest in this drink's health benefits and created a range of related supplements. Sometimes these companies make unproven claims about the health benefits of their products. Which type of tea is the best? There are 3 main types of tea:· Black Tea - made by exposing the tea leaves to air, heat, crushing and light
· Green Tea - Leaves are steamed or heated quickly to stop them oxidizing
· Oolong Tea - This is in-between, is not processed for as long as black tea but more than green tea

Because Green Tea Green Tea Benefits - A Guide to the Health Benefits of Green Tea hasn't oxidized as much as other teas and it's subjected to less fermentation and processing it usually contains higher levels of antioxidants and other health giving properties. However there are different grades of tea and the levels of antioxidants present in the finished product depend on how, where and when it was picked. What are the main benefits of green tea? Because this type of tea contains high levels of powerful natural antioxidants, called 'Polyphenol' it provides many health benefits. There is no doubt that there are many green tea benefits, however, there have not been enough quality scientific studies to prove all claimed benefits beyond doubt. Depending on your views on conventional western science versus traditional Chinese medicine, some of the benefits below may be seen as potential benefits. Health benefits include:· Reducing cholesterol levels
· Aiding weight loss
· Reducing risks of cancer
· Helping to stabilize diabetes
· Slowing down the aging process
· Improving levels of healthy bacteria
· Improving mouth and dental health
· Replenishing skin It is the same chemical, the catechism, which provide all these green tea benefits. The antioxidants in the finished product are able to eliminate and neutralize dangerous free radicals (caused by oxidization) present in the body. People are more exposed to free radicals in modern, polluted environments.

Another benefit is the ability to increase the rate of the bodies' metabolism, which in turns speeds up fat oxidation - this encourages weight loss. How much tea do I need to drink? Most of the studies have shown that you need to drink approximately 3 cups of a day to get enough antioxidants to achieve the health benefits described above. Where should I buy green tea? Don’t just go for the cheapest tea from your local supermarket. It's often been grown in less than perfect conditions and may provide fewer health benefits.

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