Summer Fabric Trends for 2017

Summer Fabric Trends for 2017

Summer Fabric Trends for 2017The sun is starting to shine and thoughts are turning to the warmer days of summer. This summer a key trend is going to be using sugary pastels, think ice-cream colors of pistachio green, strawberry pink, lemon yellow and pale blueberry. These are all calm colors which can be used in any room and will instantly create a relaxed feel to your home. Pastel fabrics can be found in many designs from spots and stripes to elegant florals.You can either use a palette of all of these colors, for instance, this would work well in a kitchen. Look for a striped fabric which could be used as a curtain fabric or for blinds and cushions. Quirky fabrics with a retro feel in pastel shades could also be used either for curtains or as a tablecloth. Look for accessories in these pastel shades to add a finishing touch.

In a bedroom limit your color palette to one pastel color plus white. For example, use pale blue with white. Furniture could either be painted wood or oak. This will also give a nautical feel to your room so you could accessorize with natural materials such as driftwood or frames which appear to have been salvaged from the beach. Beds should be piled high with cushions and a throw added to dress the bed and to add texture to the scheme. Pistachio green is a very restful color and can be used in a living room to create a relaxing feel. Try using a pale green print as a curtain material, a plain green upholstery fabric and paint your walls cream. Cushions can be coordinated in these colors, having some the same as the curtain fabric and also some plain green and cream ones piled high on a comfy sofa. These colors will also help to bring the outside in and link the room to the garden. These colors are also ideal when decorating a nursery. You can keep to the traditional colors of blue for a boy and pink for a girl or use a rainbow of pastel shades which would be suitable for a boy or a girl.

Summer Fabric Trends

Depending on your taste and the style of your home these schemes can either be 'glammed up' by introducing chandeliers and ornate furniture or made to feel more contemporary using chunky furniture and fewer accessories. Pastel shades can also be used in the garden. Summerhouses and wooden garden furniture look great painted in pastel shades, add some seat cushions and a tablecloth to complete the look. From Summer Fabric Trends for 2017 country house to city pad pastel shades will bring a sense of calm to your home

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