Muks Footwear Creates a New Twist on a Traditional Boot

Muks Footwear Creates a New Twist on a Traditional Boot

Muks Footwear Creates a New Twist on a Traditional Boot2
Although several imitators exist, there's only one original Muks Boot. When choosing among the wide variety of women's boots available, why should you choose a pair from Muks?Muks boots are inspired by the Muks Footwear Creates a New Twist on a Traditional Boot footwear of Canadian Aboriginals, who have been wearing this style of footwear for several centuries. Boots from Muks are a modern twist on this traditional footwear. Each fashion season, Muks unveils an innovative line of boots that combines the style of traditional Mukluks, with a modern look.Designer Jamie Cooke launched the company in 2003. Cooke grew up in Calgary, Canada, where she wore Mukluks. After studying Graphic Design in Calgary, Canada, Cooke moved to London, UK. There she launched a career in advertising and then began working in the world of fashion. Here are some popular styles of Muks that you can choose from:

Muks Footwear Creates a New Twist on a Traditional Boot1. Original Styles: These boots are inspired by the original footwear of the same name, which Native Americans have been wearing for centuries. They're available in several materials and colors (such as brown, tan, gray, and blue). If you want to enjoy the experience of wearing an original Mukluk, then these are the right style for your needs.2. Half Mukluks: While these Muks are half the height of the Original Mukluks, they're just as fun to wear. These styles are perfect when you want to create a sportier look. They're available in a wide array of colors, including black, brown, taupe, charcoal, and gray. Also, the Half Mukluks are now available in a studded version; along with include elaborate studded details that form Aztec-inspired patterns. Studded Hal Mukluks add some extra pizzazz to a boot that's already perfect.3. Wrap Styles: This is yet another style of Muks footwear that you can choose from. In fact, more units of this style are sold, than any other style of Muks. The Inuit’s of  Canada have inspired this particular style. These indigenous peoples inhabit various regions of Canada, including Quebec, Labrador, and the Northwestern Territories. Wrap Mukluks are available in both tall and short varieties. They feature fur that wraps around the boot's leg and suede ribbons. This style is quickly becoming popular worldwide. The styles are available in several colors, including black, charcoal, taupe, navy, and brown.4. Wedge Designs: Wedge Mukluks provide a dazzling twist to the traditional style, by blending it with the flare of the 1970s glamor rock scene. The studding creates the perfect look for either work or pleasure. This style of boots features a new twist to the Studded Wrap Wedge Mukluks. The Wedge styles are available in various colors, including gray, black, and brown.

Muks Footwear Creates a New Twist on a Traditional Boot4If you're interested in purchasing Muks footwear, then you can do it from the comforts of your own homeor anywhere else that has Internet access. So you can avoid the need to spend extra time, effort, and money driving around (or across) town. Muks boots provide the perfect footwear for any woman. With several heights, styles, and colors to choose from, you can choose a pair that best suits your personal needs.

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